sound delayed



I have added music to a ppt to play across slides and loop until stopped.
When I run the presentation it takes until the 3rd or 4th slide to start. It
is a midi file about 28K. What am I am I doing wrong? I want the music to
start when the presentation starts.



Troy @ TLC

What version of PPT?

Have you viewed the animation pane and confirmed the audio file is the first
item in the animation list?




Please let me add a question to this post. I am using PP 2003. I have been
trying to start an embedded music or dialog tract to synchonize with the
start of a given slide. (Also refer to my post on March 7 about delay in
starting music.) I have been totally unsuccessful in this. In the custom
animation pane, I have set the delay to zero, but it still starts several
seconds after the slide opens. There are no other animated objects in the
slide. That did not work. So, I tried to place the embedded sound object in
the first slide and gave it a delay the total time of all slides before the
slide where I want the dialog to start. That also did not work. (All slides
are advanced by time, not by click.) Please help -- I have run out of ideas.
Thank you.

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