Sorting in a custom view not functioning as expected



I just can't shake the feeling this is a stupid question, but I can't seem to
get it or find an appropriate Google response.

I have saved a custom view for my tasks. In it, I have a custom sort set up
for my tasks. (A custom field text field "Grouping" ascending, then "Status"
descending, then "Due Date" ascending, if you want to know.)

My problem is, it's often convenient to look at things by category, so I
(and my little users) click on the "Category" heading to get a quick view of
things sorted that way. Then, I want to go back to my custom sort.
However, a) I'm already in my "custom view", and b) if I leave it & come
back, I don't have my nice sort anymore, it's sorted by "Category". So - I
then have to walk them through (or do myself) the custom sort again. Even
once they figure out how to use the sort by themselves, it's a pain in the

Any thoughts?



I am having the exact same problem. Our office uses Outlook 2003 [believe it]. Things I have noticed
- Sorting and grouping is lost when I navigate to another view then back
- If I then perform a search within that custom view, then 'clear' the search results, my view is restored with all grouping and sorting as per the custom view settings

It's the quickest way to restore the view settings, but obviously not user friendly or as intended

Any fixes would be appreciated.

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