Sony Handycam Problem




I asked this question a few days ago, but apparently it
got lost in the shuffle.

I recently bought a Sony DCR-DVD-200 handycam, and
installed the drivers that came with it onto my Toshiba
notebook computer and Windows XP (Home). I hooked up the
USB cable, turned on all the buttons on the camera that
the manual told me to, but in XP Movie Maker I get this
error message:

"A video capture device was not detected."

Any good advice as to what I should do? Thanks.



You shouldn't be able to capture video via the USB cable - you need a
firewire (IEEE 1394, i-Link - all the same thing) cable and adapter for

I know some of the Sony cameras feature USB video streaming, but I think
this is limited to webcam-type applications only. Check the camera manual.
My Sony DCR-PC120E has USB but this is limited to data transfer to/from the
memory stick, it doesn't have streaming capability.


Hausi Tellenbach

Jake <jake@~nospam`> tippselte:

Yep, USB is simply to slow, because:

1. afaik is there no camcorder available yet with USB 2.0 High-Speed (480 Mbps), but only camcorders with USB 2.0 Full-Speed (12 Mbps) and

2. DV will transfer ~29 Mbps (which will allocate about 13 GB/h on your Disc) -> To fast for USB 2.0 Full-Speed.

=> You really have to use IEEE 1394 (aka firewire, aka i.Link) which has a bandwith of 400 Mbps...



That's a model that records directly onto DVDs, not onto tapes. So it
doesn't use DV-AVI format. You'll have to use the Sony software to capture
the video the computer and convert it to something that MM2 can use.

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