Sony Capture Speed Incorrect


Clint Marshall

When using Movie Maker 2.1 to capture digital video from my Sony Digital
Handicam 730, I am trying to capture and work as DV-AVI so I can have the
best quality and burn DVD's.
When using this setting (DV-AVI), the video is captured at 2-3 times the
correct speed.
When I capture at the "High Quality Video" setting, the video captures
about 10% too slowly.
I find that capturing works properly when I use Adobe Premiere 6.0, but I
prefer Movie Maker since it's so much easier to work with.
I am running Windows XP SP2 on a 2.8 mhz PC with 1GB of RAM and over 30GB
or empty, unfragmented disk space on a second drive that I'm using as a work
disk. I am capturing through the built-in firewire (IE-1394?) port.
Does this behavior point to CODECs? I've reinstalled DirectX v.9c and
Media Player 10. It seems to be Microsoft-specific since capture works fine
in Premiere. What else can I try?

- How can I get Movie Maker to capture at the proper speed using the DV-AVI
or High Quality Video setting?
- Why would these two formats capture differently?

Thank you!


Did this ever get resolved? When I playback a movie downloaded to a laptop
PC, the talk is like the chipmunk song and the people move like a 45 record
played at 78 rpm. I am also using a Sony digital 8 video cam. Thank you for


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