Very Fast (3-4x) Capture Speed



When capturing digital video from my Sony Digital Handicam 730, I am trying
to capture and work as DV-AVI so I can have the best quality and burn DVD's.
When using this setting, the video is captured at 3-4 times the correct
When I capture at the "High Quality Video" setting, the video captures
I am running Windows XP SP2 on a 2.8 mhz PC with 1GB of RAM and over 30GB
or empty, unfragmented disk space. I am capturing through the built-in
firewire (IE-1394?) port.

- Why would these two formats capture differently?
- How can I get it to capture properly at the DV-AVI setting?
- Will the High Quality Video setting work for preserving the original
quality for future editing, DVD recording and viewing both on a PC and a TV?

Thank you!

Clint Marshall

On further study, it turns out that High Quality Video records about 10
percent too fast. Not horrible, but definately too fast.
What would make the capture run at the wrong speed?

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