Solution: Getting the Motorola PC850 Bluetooth dongle to work with windows vista



There was a thread in this newsgroup about getting the PC850 to work
with Windows Vista but it cannot be replied to with Google Groups.

If you're using the driver cd the PC850 came with, or the driver
download offered on motorola's website, it will not work period. Don't
expect the generic drivers that vista automatically installs for the
dongle to work within vista's proprietary bluetooth control panel.

The PC850 DOES works with a newer version of the widcomm bluetooth
driver that originally came with your PC850. The interface and setup
is the same as pc850's bluetooth control panel if you've used it in
xp, except now it functions in vista.

I got this version to work with windows vista and my pc850

This is a newer version of the drivers that were included with your
pc850 and what motrorola offers themselves on their support page.
It worked like a charm, and my pc no longer freezes anymore whenever i
plug in my dongle, i read that some were having that same problem.

There is an even newer version, but i have yet to try it out, frankly
since the works i'm not going to push my luck and try the
newer version but in case you want it, its available here:

Let me know how it goes for you, just trying to spread the information
because motorola is not really being helpful with vista
implementation, and they are not telling their customers that there
newer versions of the widcomm drivers available online, you just have
to scour the internet for them.



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