SMTP AUTH frustration in Outlook


Edward Ray

A coworker of mine is having trouble sending mail using SMTP authentication
with SSL encryption. Client is Outlook 2000 on windows XP Home, server is
sendmail 8.12.11

He can receive mail find; however sending does not work and
" did not issue MAIL/EXPN/VRFY/ETRN during connection to
MTA is logged on the sendmail server.

Other clients using Outlook 2003 and XP pro do not have issues. I was going
to give him a Outlook 2003 CD in the hopes that it would solve the problem,
but if anyone has a KB article reference or any other suggestions, much

Thanks in Advance!

neo [mvp outlook]

I haven't used outlook 2000 in a long time, but I have a nasty suspicion
that it doesn't support SSL/TLS on port 587. Instead Outlook 2000 will want
to do setup a secure connection on 25 or go old school with port 465

Just so you know, Outlook 2003 didn't get its act together for SSL/TLS until
Office 2003 SP2.

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