sms add-in inactive



In the past, I have had the Outlook SMS Add-in working perfectly, but it
stopped working and I didn't worry 'bout it for a long time. However I
decided I wanted it back.

I've just uninstalled the Add-in, cleaned the registry of any entries, and
then re-installed. Nothing.

Looked at the Trust Center, and found that Outlook had disabled it as it was
causing crashes. So I enabled it, but it now showas as Inactive, and I can't
see a way to make it Active.

I've searched here and there's at least one other who cured the problem by
clearing the Disabled setting, but I can't see any other suitable answers.

When I start Outlook, the SMS Toolbar is not visible (nor does it appear on
the list of available but not selected Toolbars).

Any ideas on how I can make it active?




Just solved it.

I Unticked "Apply Macro security settings to installed Add-ins"


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