slow shared database



Dear All,
I have placed my access database(Back end [just the tables] and front end
[other components]) on a server and every user can run it by a shortcut on
the desktop .one more thing about my database is that I have secured it using
encrypt/decrypt database wisard . the problem is that, it takes a long time
for forms to get loaded. I don't know why, it is so slow that first the
database seems to be in a not responding mode. I appreciate any help.


Leave the back end on the server, copy the front end to each PC and
re-establish the links to the backend. (Set up one front end, re-establish
the links then copy that front end to all the other PCs)


Larry Linson

In addition to MikeJohnB's suggestion, encrypting the tables can be useful,
but it can slow performance. It is unlikely that there is ever a need to
encrypt anything but the tables and data (and even that provides no
projection except for someone prowling around your diskfiles with a disk
editor (sometimes known as a Disk ZAPPER).

It may also be useful to keep a connection to the server back end open by
having either some VBA code that opens and maintains open a table in the
back end, or opening a form (which you then hide by setting its Visible
property to No or False) that is bound to a table in the back end, and not
closing that Form until you Quit your application. The table could be one
with information you use to set up your application, or a user's instance,
or it could be otherwise-unused information -- it should not be one of the
tables used in your application's business processing because that could
interfere with accomplishing your business purpose.

Having the "front end" on the server will definitely have an adverse effect
on performance, because unless you have a multi-gigabit or terabit network
(and I know no one whose workstations are linked via these speeds), you have
to retrieve every Access object each user uses across the network instead of
from their local hard disk drive. But, even worse, you significantly
increase the chances of your front end becoming corrupted and interfering
with everyone's use of the application.

MVP Tony Toews' site, has a wealth of
information about performance and about avoiding corruption in Access
multi-user configurations.

Larry Linson
Microsoft Office Access MVP


Dear Friends,
I am really happy for finding such a nice place to get my access problems
solved by such considerate supporters.thank u all.

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