Slow running laptop


Ed from AZ

My daughter’s laptop has been running very slow lately. It was a
sudden change - it was taking 2-2 1/2 minutes to hit the “click user
name” screen, and a full 5 minutes to finish booting.

I was pointed to the hard drive DMA>PIO issue, and got that repaired.
She’s running AVG free, Spybot, Spyware Terminator, and ZoneAlarm
free. She also runs a lot of music downloaded through Verizon

I have an identical laptop (Dell Latitude D600, XP Pro SP2). One
thing I noticed is that my bus speed is 266 MHz, while BelcArc reports
hers as 166??

I ran some scans and have posted them on my web site, in case someone
would like to see if they can help.

HiJack This main report
HiJack This startup report
HiJack This ADSspy report
BelArc scan report Advisor Current Profile

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


it seems to me that there are
two many anti virals running.

to test this theory you might
try to boot up in safe mode
and evaluate the performance
in that mode.

if the laptop runs better in
safe mode,

then you might want to consider
configuring your system for a
clean boot

a clean boot disables all non
microsoft startups and services
when booting to normal mode.

then figure out which process
is bogging down the laptop in
normal mode by enabling them
one by one.

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