Slow RDP Logon - CopyProfileDirectoryEx ?



Hi there.

I'm troubleshooting some problems we're seeing with slow logons
to TS Servers. I've enabled userenv logging and am focusing in
on a delay during the logon regarding CopyProfileDirectoryEx.
It takes more than 7 seconds to reconcile all directories for a new user who
try to connect for the first time.

Snippet from userenv.log :

USERENV(258.25c) 12:19:22:527 FindTotalDiskSpaceNeeded: Largest 7 file size
is 1600570
USERENV(258.25c) 12:19:22:527 Available 1296461824
USERENV(258.25c) 12:19:22:527 Needed 7287027
USERENV(258.25c) 12:19:22:527 Src size 5024000
USERENV(258.25c) 12:19:22:527 Dest size 0
USERENV(258.25c) 12:19:22:527 Largest hive file 1572864
USERENV(258.25c) 12:19:22:527 CopyProfileDirectoryEx: Found hive file
USERENV(258.25c) 12:19:23:433 ReconcileFile: C:\Documents and
Settings\Default User\NTUSER.DAT ==> C:\Documents and Settings\xxx\NTUSER.DAT
USERENV(258.25c) 12:19:23:433 CopyProfileDirectoryEx: Found hive file
USERENV(258.25c) 12:19:23:527 ReconcileFile: C:\Documents and
Settings\Default User\NTUSER.DAT.LOG ==> C:\Documents and
Settings\xxx\NTUSER.DAT.LOG [OK]
USERENV(258.25c) 12:19:23:527 CopyProfileDirectoryEx: Calling
ReconcileDirectory for all Directories
USERENV(258.25c) 12:19:30:261 CopyProfileDirectoryEx: Reconcile Directory
Done for all Directories

Have you any idea to reduce this issue?


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