Applying Computer Settings Slow



I am running Windows Server 2003 with Windows XP SP2 clients. Two
domain controllers. When a machine boots up it sits at the Applying
Computer Settings Screen for @ 2 minutes. This is something that
started recently. My default domain policy does not have any
configuration changes. I have an OU for workstations and an OU for
Users. If I disable these GPO's and leave the default enabled it sits
at the Applying Computer Settings Screen. If I disable the default
domain policy it zips right in because no policy is being applied. I
enabled verbose debugging for userenv.log and noticed the following.
Does anyone know what is going on. It sits before this line
C:\WINDOWS\system32\wuauclt.exe for one minute and after it as well.

Any assistance at troubleshooting this is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


USERENV(1c0.1c4) 21:24:23:171 LoadUserProfile: LoadUserProfileP
USERENV(1c0.1c4) 21:24:23:171 LoadUserProfile: Returning success.
Final Information follows:
USERENV(1c0.1c4) 21:24:23:171 lpProfileInfo->UserName = <jblow>
USERENV(1c0.1c4) 21:24:23:171 lpProfileInfo->lpProfilePath = <>
USERENV(1c0.1c4) 21:24:23:171 lpProfileInfo->dwFlags = 0x0
USERENV(1c0.1c4) 21:24:23:171 LoadUserProfile: Returning TRUE. hProfile
= <0x724>
USERENV(1c0.1c4) 21:24:23:343 IsSyncForegroundPolicyRefresh:
Synchronous, Reason: NonCachedCredentials
USERENV(1c0.798) 21:24:23:343 IsSyncForegroundPolicyRefresh:
Synchronous, Reason: NonCachedCredentials
USERENV(808.80c) 21:25:19:079 LibMain: Process Name:
USERENV(1c0.380) 21:26:02:559 ProcessGPOs: network name is our.domain
USERENV(1ec.27c) 21:26:02:662 LoadUserProfile: Yes, we can impersonate
the user. Running as self
USERENV(1ec.27c) 21:26:02:662


I could be mistaking, but have you checked your DNS setings for the
computers with the issues? The DNS server should be your domain
controller's IP address. Active Directory and DNS are very
intertwined technologies. If a computer is booting up and cannot use
DNS to get it's AD information, it takes a long time to accomplish the
logon process.

Hope this helps,


Michael Stephens [MSFT]

wuauclt.exe is Windows Update client. The snippet of userenv log you
provided shows very little for Group Policy processing. Most of the
information you presented deals with loading the user profile (local). I can
tell you that Group Policy processing is synchronous, which means
* Group Policy waits for the network before appling Computer Policy
* Computer policy processing must complete before user policy processing
* User Policy processing must complete before the user has a working desktop

Usually XP does background refreshes for policy processing, which increases
logon performance.

Mike Stephens
Technical Writer, Group Policy

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