Ken Sympson

I have Vista Home Premium on an HP m8120n Media Center PC. I'm having
trouble with the computer going into sleep mode as it is defined in the
power settings, and I have trouble keeping it in sleep mode (for example,
when I manually set to sleep). Are there any common things that I should
look for to resolve these issues?


John Hanley

I had Vista sleep problems, but it is now resolved. What helped me
investigate the problem was realizing that, at one time, my system sleep
functioned normally, and then stopped working. I was able to pin down the
time period when it stopped working by reviewing the Event Viewer/Windows
Logs/System. Times when the system goes to sleep are signalled by an entry
that looks like: "Information 7/10/2007 10:29:24 AM Kernel-Power"; times
when the system resumes from sleep show this entry: "Information 7/10/2007
1:19:35 PM Power-Troubleshooter".
My logs go back to when I bought the computer in May, so I could verify when
the problem started. Perhaps an initial question for you is: has your
computer always had this problem or did it work ok at one time? Take a look
through your Event Viewer and see if it has ever worked, then see if you can
pin down when it may have changed.

In my case, I had inadvertently tried to install a piece of non-Vista-ready
software, which left artifacts that caused my sleep problems. After I
cleared that up, sleep became functional again. Hope this helps.

Ken Sympson

Thanks much for the input. I'm not sure I'm up to the task, but I shall see
if I can slop around in there and find some clues.

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