Sleep [Stand-by]


Edward O'Brien

I want to ask.... Has anyone using XP experienced any problems with
"Standby" mode in XP? My son is having all kinds of trouble trying to
reawaken his PC.

Going to "Start||Turn off Computer" he selects "Stand by". To restart he
presses the start button, there is a whirring and the DVD-ROM light flashes
(but can't be opened) for about five seconds and then everything goes quiet.

His only way to restart is to hold the "off" button in for about 30 seconds,
apparently to drain all the memory - and then press it again to start in the
normal way. During booting he is asked to press F2.

I have suggested there may be a power management fault, but I don't really

It's a brand new machine (Evesham) and he is very computer literate; that
is, Excel, Word, Access etc.

TIA for any help.





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