Sleep Issues with Vista?



Hi Folks,

I've posted a similar posting underneath a Sleep/Shut-Down issue... However
the user was experiencing a slightly different issue with Vista than I am
seeing, and wondering if anyone else is experiencing the issue or if there
are any known Items that I can check out to possibly resolve this item.

Here's the setup:

1 - Last Night Installed Windows with the Clean-Install Process (Advanced
using the upgrade CD)
2 - Got the system up, tinkered with it installed some basic apps and
3 - Started a disk defragmenter and left it for a bit
4 - Windows Vista realized at some point that there was no activity (when
the defragmenter ended, and screen saver was the only item running)
5 - Since I didn't change the power settings after about an hour the system
when into sleep mode

Now here's the issue

1 - I get up this AM realizing that I left it
2 - Notice it is not on
3 - Press the power button
4 - It resumes, and want me to login
5 - Give it my credentials and it resumes
*GREAT* - Well maybe
6 - Since I'm headed off to work I click start then shut-down
7 - Go off and do my stuff
8 - Come back and realize the computer is still on (at the shutting down

I try pressing keys, opening cd drives, doing different things... With
minimal or really no disk activity occuring....

Finally after 30 minutes of it staying here and no drive activity that can
be seen; I regretfully hold in the power button had force it to shut off

To ensure that nothing has broke and that my time spent last night is still
there I turn it back on, boot in looks fine... Click Start and shut down
again and this time it shuts down in like less than a minute!

I'm thinking that there is something with either the sleep mode, or other
process that is causing my computer (Which is a Sony VAIO VGN-A290 - complete
specs below) the inability to shut down quickly after going into sleep mode?

Presently I'm going to change my power settings so that sleep is not really
an option (since I use my notebook mostly at home and plugged in).

Is anyone else experiencing this, any resolutions or items that exist?
Anything more about my PC you need to help offer suggestions?

Thanks so much in advance!!!


100 GB Hard Drive
A/V Docking Station

Additional Hardware:
External WD 500 GB MyBook USB Drive
MS Fingerprint Reader
HP DeskJet K550
Canon LiDE 80 (with updated Canon Drivers)

Software Notes:
Clean Vista-Ultimate Installation (from Upgrade license)
Lastest Vista Updates installed (Excluding Language Packs)
Diskeeper 2007 Pro (Vista Only Edition)
NIS 2007 (Vista Compatible Edition)
Acrobat Reader 8 (Vista Edition)
Roxio Easy CD Creator 9 (Noted for Vista Compatibility)



Robert Firth

Maybe a driver issue? Check for the latest drivers on windows update and the
manufacturers website. Other than that, I can't suggest much. It is working
fine here on my notebook.

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* Windows Vista x86 RTM *
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Hey, I am having the exact same problem. I am using a desktop though. I also
experience a freeze after the system sits for a while. I have tried
everything I know to wake it up. And I have tried going to the Device Manager
to assign the mouse and keyboard to "wake the computer." I am running the

Win Vista Ultimate (upgrade from XP)
Intel core 2 duo 6600
Nvidia 7900 GT
160GB HD
1gb Ram
All updates available

After reading through several posts here is what I am going to try.
1. Update my NVIDIA Drivers
2. DL and install the latest BIOS from ASUS
3. See if I am able to diable sleep/hibernation somehow
4. Updae my sound card drivers

I have also read that people have had trouble with USB devices and
unplugging any sort of HUB may fix a sleep issue. Others have been successful
in unplugging the LAN connection and reconnecting it to wake the computer.
Hopefully one of these selections will work and I hope that if anyone else
has an idea they will post here as well.


I've changed my sleep settings so it won't go into it... I additionally found
some ATI drivers for my laptop... I haven't seen it do as much; but then
again I haven't really let it sit much lately either...

Additionally, for your help... To disable hybernation, open a command prompt
and type in:

powercfg.exe / hibernate off

Then you can additionally go into the control panel and change your "sleep"
settings through the control panels' "power options"

Best of luck... And hope that others will encounter it too for sake of
early resolution!




I have a HP DV 6000 les than a week old....if we close the lid or it goes to
sleep 1/2 the time it comes back and the other half it says windows was
shut down incorrectly and reboots...with the black mode? reg

after what ive been reading it sounds like this a going to be a "vista" bug?
There dont seem to be a difinitve answer yet


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