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db ·´¯`·.¸. .>

as I had simply power down
my power strip after using the
sleep mode, I simply assumed
that sleep was the new hibernation;

that is until I just did some researching
and discovered that that sleep mode
is a combination of hibernation and
the standby modes and there is no
longer a true hibernation mode.

however, in doing the above
I bumped into the mouse while
reaching for the power strip
and the pc came out of sleep.

I had never notice before but
if the machine goes to sleep
the kb lights are lit and the mouse
wheel is lit as wheel.

I would like to know how to
disable the mouse and
keyboard to keep them from
waking the pc from sleep

I am also assuming that there
may be other devices that could
awaken the pc from sleep mode
as well.

I checked out the power options,
and disabled what all I could but
did find anything about disabling
the kb or mouse.

any suggestions?

John Barnes

Some combination of entries in your BIOS or Device Manager should handle
waking from sleep for the mouse and keyboard.
In device manager you find the items, right click and select properties and
the power management tab. If available there will be a check box to allow
this device to wake the computer. The BIOS also often has settings for
allowing the keyboard and/or the mouse to wake the computer.


"there is no longer a true hibernation mode."

I had to disable sleep on my computer because of an instability issue (my
computer will always inevitably crash after coming out of sleep, even if
running Windows XP).
Hibernation on my computer is pure hibernation, a true hibernation and not
some kind of hybrid sleep/hibernation.

Drew T


If you open the Device Manager by right-clicking 'Computer' & then select
Properties', click Device Manager in the left side menu.

* Expand the 'Mice and other pointing devices' heading
* Double-click on your mouse driver, click the 'Power Management' tab
* Uncheck 'Allow the device to wake the computer', click OK
* Repeat the steps for the Keyboard driver
* Your Network Driver also may have a 'Power Management' tab, uncheck any
'Wake on.....' boxes


db ·´¯`·.¸. .>

thanks drew,

that was an excellent suggestion
and I did find the power management
tab for the network cards.

unfortunately, there was no such
tab for the kb or the mouse.

I did however notice something
funny with the mouse driver.

it seems that a microsoft mouse
driver is installed, though I have/
use a generic mouse.

however, perhaps the above is
moot, since I think I discovered
that I could be using hibernation
instead of sleep mode.

I thought that there was no more
hibernation mode for vista because
1) I didn't have the option and
2) the spin about the hybrid standby/
hibernation mode now known as

funny, but the spin above relating
to sleep mode being a hybrid doesn't
really amount to a new hill of beans
because it still acts like standby mode.

thanks for the fyi.

at least I discovered something new
today with the power mgmt tabs.

db ·´¯`·.¸. .>

well, I had thought about that as
well because of the spin surrounding
the sleep mode being a so called
hybrid of standby and hibernation.

but regardless of how the define
the new sleep mode, it is still
standby mode for all practical

I think the above is a valid statement
because when I was utilizing the sleep
mode and would immediately power
down the surge protector afterwards.

but upon power up the system,
the o.s. would not boot up the programs
that were supposed to be hibernating
as per microsoft's explanation of the
the sleep mode.

the options were to boot into safemode
or start a new session.

personally, I never cared for standby mode.

if I needed such convenience I would simply
utilize a screensaver instead.

but I think that I will disable the sleep mode
to keep me from wasting any time in the

can you explain how to do that?

db ·´¯`·.¸. .>

I had looked into the bios and
had disable the wake on lan
and wake on ring.

but I didn't have that option for
the keybrd or mouse.

however, I think the kb I found
on how to enable the hibernation
mode will solve the problem.

thanks for your kind assistance.

db ·´¯`·.¸. .>

ok, with the help of the
knowledge base article
I now have hibernation.

obviously, there is a bug
and if one runs disk cleanup,
then hibernation is wipe
away as well.

thanks for everyone's help and


Hibernation is only wiped out if someone like you select's it it to be
deleted it is not a bug it was how it was designed. It is so you can clean
up the hibernation file to reset it back to original if it gets corrupted
Microsoft Tech Support told me that when I had problems with my Hibernation
then they walked me through the steps and deleting the hibernation file was
one of them and using Command Promt to .

db.·.. >

thanks for the feedback.

however, perhaps their
is some validity to my
issue as a bug, based on
the "cause" in the
following kb:

perhaps, there was an
option that i overlooked
during clean mgr.

but if such an option
exists in clean mgr,
then it is not a worthy

on the other hand the
kb also mentions something
about a hibernation file

seemingly, if there is such
a option to clean out the
hibernation file, then it
should not disable the
hibernation power option.

though it might not be a
bug, it doesn't seem to
be a useful option for "cleaning"
because anyone can simply clean
out the hibernation file and
delete the hibernation power
option with one step, ie deleting
the hiber.sys file.

DatabaseBen, Retired Professional
- Systems Analyst
- Database Developer
- Accountancy
- Veteran of the Armed Forces


Yes but when you say when you run Disk Clean Up there is no bug there just
some one that does not know how to use a computer. LOL


Just uncheck the option to delete the Hibernation File when you run Disk
Cleanup and you should be alright.

db.·.. >

ok, sounds like a

i've used the cleanup
so many times in the
past, that i simply didnt
realize there was/were
new options.

thanks for the fyi!


DatabaseBen, Retired Professional
- Systems Analyst
- Database Developer
- Accountancy
- Veteran of the Armed Forces

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