Simple XP Network Configuration


Logic Rules

The best way to start is to turn off or uninstall any
firewall you have. Sometimes it may be better to turn off
any virus detectors also.

Install all adapters (NICs and wireless), routers, Hubs,
Access Points or whatever you intend to get your network

You should have all of the latest security updates from
Microsoft installed. There are many updates, of all
sorts, so don't ask which ones. I have installed all as
they arrive via the auto update manager.

The following configuration works on my network. I have a
desktop computer with Windows XP Pro, and a laptop
(wireless) with Windows XP Home.

You MUST set your computer IDs (name), any unique name
will do but they must all be different from the others.

If you intend to use a workgroup, the name MUST be the
same for all computers.

At this point you may run the Network Setup Wizard. It is
best if you have just one active network device enabled
on each computer in your network so the Wizard will be
easier to run. The wizard will ask you which device you
wish to use for the connection. You must uncheck any you
will not use and check the ONE you will use.

The wizard will also need the computer ID and the
workgroup names you are going to connect with. As stated
above the names will all be DIFFERENT and the workgroup
assigned will always be the same.

Create a floppy or USB pendrive copy of the NetSetup, at
the ned of the wizard, and run this on all computers that
will be in your network.

All of the items below are checked or a radio button is
ticked, unless otherwise noted.

1. Client for Microsoft Networks
i. Properties:
1. Windows Locator
2. QoS Packet Scheduler
3. File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft
4. NWLink NetBIOS
5. NWLink IPX/SPX/NetBIOS Compatible
Transport Protocol
i. Properties:
1. Internal network number,
2. Frame Type, Auto Detect
6. Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
i. Properties:
ii. General Tab
1. Obtain an IP address
2. Obtain DNS server address
7. Advanced Button
i. IP Settings Tab
1. IP address
2. DHCP Enabled
3. Automatic metric
ii. DNS Tab
1. Append primary and
connection specific DNS suffixes
2. Append parent suffixes of
the primary DNS suffix
3. Register this
connection's address in DNS
iii. WINS Tab
1. Enable LMHOSTSlookup
2. Disable NetBIOS over
iv. Options Tab
1. Optional settings:
2. TCP/IP filtering
3. Propeties:
a. Enable TCP/IP
Filtering (All adapters) UNCHECKED
b. All, Permit All
v. Alternate Configuration Tab
1. Automatic private IP

8. Authentication Tab

9. Advanced Tab
i. Internet Connection Firewall
(Some people use this,some
don't if they have other firewall devices
or software)

On my laptop (WindowsXP Home) I also have
installed. It has no properties. It probably came
via a Windows
update. But everything fell together after I
installed it. If I had
only known earlier.SIGH

This is just the basic configuration. Some of the
other parameters
may need to be changed to meet your needs.
If they give you a problem, when you get them
figured out. post it
so others will see.

Hopefully, my typing is correct and there are no
errors in the post.
if anyone sees something wrong Please let me know.



Steve Winograd [MVP]

"Logic Rules" said:
If you intend to use a workgroup, the name MUST be the
same for all computers.
It makes networking a little easier if all computers use the same
workgroup name, but it isn't necessary. Windows networking supports
multiple workgroups. A computer in any workgroup can access computers
in every other workgroup.
Best Wishes,
Steve Winograd, MS-MVP (Windows Networking)

Please post any reply as a follow-up message in the news group
for everyone to see. I'm sorry, but I don't answer questions
addressed directly to me in E-mail or news groups.

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Program

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