Silverstone Strider Essential & Strider Plus 500W Power Supply


Mar 25, 2003
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Legit Reviews have taken a look at the Silverstone Strider Essential & Strider Plus 500W Power Supply:

"Silverstone has been in the power supply market for quite some time now and it is a renowned manufacturer among advanced users and enthusiasts. If there is a thing that makes Silverstone standing out from other manufacturers is that it is one of the very few companies which has such a long products line-up and offers both pinnacle-level and budget-level products. Today we will be having a look at two 500W units, one from the Strider Essential series and one from the Strider Plus series. As the name suggests, the Strider Essential series is the most basic series which Silverstone currently offers, while the Strider Plus series is a step higher up the performance ladder and features a fully modular design."


See what they thought of them here.


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