shutting down



the system turns on, but shuts back down again in like 15
to 20 seconds. sometimes i can get into BIOS mode, but not
enough time to make any changes. the computer wont even
stay up long enough to get to the XP start-up screen.some
ppl tell me it's a video compatability issue, some say
it's a virus, others say it's the BIOS thing.

any help would be greatly apprciated.

ge xiong

WIN.XP-pro,933 mhz pentium 3, ATI 7500 video card





Rick Webb

I did have this same problem last week. However , nothing was showing up on
my monitor. then the computer would shut down again. Turned out that my
video card was faulty. But in your case, sounds like you're getting images
on your monitor. Just my 2 cents worth. But , refer to Michael and other
MVP's for definitive and accurate answers.

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