Shortcuts skipped when executed too quickly



I'm encountering the following issue in Excel 07 with shortcut keys:

When typing too quickly the shortcut is not executed and instead the
shortcut keys that have been pressed are entered as text in the relevant
cell. This is an issue on multiple machines.

This is especially an issue in trying to quickly format borders and font
colors. I am formatting with native shortcuts as well as shortcuts that are
from a custom tab which have been added to the Quick Access Toolbar. The
custom shortcuts simply apply specific RGBs to fonts/borders.

An overview of my 3 machines specs are as follows:
OS: WinXP Pro 32-bit SP3
Office: Excel 2007 (12.0.6524.5003)
RAM: 2gig
CPU: Intel dual-core

Anyone have any tips for mitigating this other than typing more slowly?



Steve Dunn

Type more accurately?

I presume the shortcut keys all use a qualifier key (e.g. Ctrl), so typing
Ctrl+a is never going to put "a" in a cell, no matter how fast you type,
unless you mis-hit Ctrl...

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