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I have a database that is in a folder on the network. The FE and the BE both
reside in this folder. There is also a shortcut to the FE in the folder and
each user has a copy of the shortcut on their desktop to access the database.
Recently one of the users got the motherboard replaced in their computer.
Now whenever they use their shortcut they get the error that they do not have
exclusive access to the database - about 10 times. Other people use the same
shortcut without problems. I have created a txt file and deleted it so I
know the user has all rights to the folder. If I open Access and then do a
file open and open the FE, it works fine. The user has opend other shortcuts
to databases that are not in the folder that work fine. Any ideas?? Thanks
so much for any thoughts anyone can give me.

Jeff Boyce

You did say "any thoughts..."

Keeping a single copy of a front-end on a network share means everyone using
the application is trying to fit through that narrow funnel. And everyone
who is simultaneously using the application is a potential source of
corruption ... if anyone's NIC is faulty, or cabling is questionable, or PC
gets turned off (accidentally or not), the front-end and the back-end could
end up corrupted.

A safer design puts only the back-end on the network. A copy of the
front-end is placed on each and every PC that needs to use the application.


Jeff Boyce
Microsoft Office/Access MVP


Yes, you're right. I have the FE on the server because I am still making
some design changes to the database. There are a few "kinks" in the system
that they are working out. There are only two users at this point. And we
should be done with the design changes soon, so then I will move it out to
their local drives. I'm kind of new at this, so maybe this isn't the best
way of doing things, but everything was working fine before.

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