Sharing folders questions


Linn Kubler


I have a couple questions regarding sharing folders. We are using Office
2003 Standard with an Exchange backend.

First question: One of my users created a new contact folder, not a public
folder item. Her intent was to put work related contacts there and share
them with others in her department. She gave several people Reviewer rights
but no one is able to access the folder, they simply get an error message
that reads:
"Unable to Display the folder. The contacts folder could not be found."

What are we doing wrong here, is there something we missed?

Second question: In troubleshooting the first question I shared out my
personal contacts folder to the network administrator, it worked fine.
Being satisfied with that I removed the rights of the administrator account
to see my contacts folder. Tested it again and the administrator can still
see my contacts folder. What gives here? According to the help files
removing the person from the permissions list should revoke their access. I
even tried re-adding them and setting the permission level to 'None' but
that didn't work either.

How can I block the administrator, or any other user for that matter, from
accessing my non-shared Outlook folders? I have no one listed as a deligate
either, just in case you were wondering.

Thanks in advance,




one thing, you can't block the administrator from anything, that's the
definition of administrator, a user who can do anything...

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