SharePoint Export Web Datasheet to Excel - Can't Find File



I am having a problem exporting a SharePoint 2007 List to Excel using any of
the Sharepoint Task Pane Excel Functions - Query, Print, Chart, or Create
Pivot Table using Excel 2007.

I get the error when I am viewing a Sharepoint List in "Edit in Datasheet"
mode and click on the Task Pane to export the List to Excel and then click on
any of the Excel links (Query, Print, Chart, or Create Pivot Table ) in the
Task Pane.

Excel 2007 starts and then an error dialog box pops up with an error message

"Windows cannot find
'C:\Users\DHOLLE~1.EPM\AppData\Local|Temp\Low\list83475.iqy'. Make sure you
typed the name correctly, and then try again."

The *.iqy Excel Query file name changes each time I click on one of the Task
Bar Excel links.

I used Windows Explorer and checked the directory and the Excel Query File
is actually in the directory specified by the path in the error message. I
can double click on the Excel Query file in the directory and Excel opens
with the SharePoint List Data that I wanted.

Any ideas on what might be causing this problem or a fix?





Same problem here. Just happened. I had been merrily punching out pivots to
one of my machines from sharepoint. later in the evening, started getting
this error. the query makes it down to the local machine, but excel can't
pick it up anymore.

this morning i used a different machine, and it works fine.

something wacky happened to my other machine that causes the problem. Not
sure if it's an excel configuration issue or something else. i don't recall
doing anything to the machine to change security settings or any settings.
i'll let you know if i find anything.




One thing you might try is to repair your Office installation from the
control panel to reset your configuration. it's kind of like taking a
sledgehammer to kill a gnat, and you might still miss.

I mention this as an option, because I had to do this last week for the
machine that can successfully open pivots triggered from the sharepoint task

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