Shared printer on XP Pro



I am having problem setting up a shared printer on a XP Pro Wireless laptop.
When I try to set up the printer on a XP Home Wireless laptop, the wizard
shows the workgroup and laptop server name but does not show a printer under
the server name and it gives me giving me "Windows cannot connect to the
printer. Either the printer name was typed incorrectly, or the specified
printer has lost its connection to the server. For more information, click

The laptop I am using to share the printer is XP Pro SP2. The laptop I am
trying to connect with is XP Home SP2.

Any suggestions?


The problem is now that a shared printer on XP Home SP2 desktop connected to
wireless router does not show a shared printer on an XP Pro SP2 wireless
laptop. The desktop shows in the network lookup but does not show a printer
being shared. A wireless laptop in the same network shows the printer and
can be printed to from the other wireless laptop.
Is there something about wireless and ethernet connected PC's having issues
or is it XP Pro and XP Home not working correctly?

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