shared printer issues



2 computers with vista home professional. Printer can be shared (canon
i550). wWhen laptop is shut down, printer has to be reinstalled. When I
look at printer properties ports are no longer shown, sharing does not
mention name of printer, yet genral shows that canon i550 is printer. Any
suggestions please.

Mick Murphy

For a start, there is NO vista home professional!!!!!
And, how do you have the Printer set up?
Are both computers Networked properly?
Do you use a Router?

Robert L. \(MS-MVP\)

We have seen some cases like this one. 1. try to install latest printer
driver. 2. Install the printer as local printer first and then remap it as
network printer. The following links may help too.

Vista reports shared printer offline after rebooting

Vista: HP Printer gets "lost"

Vista Print Issues
Fix printer sharing in Vista by installing local port first ... Many
Vista printer issues are solved by installing the printer as a Local Printer

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