Shared book (sorry!) bloating and not disconnecting



We have a shared workbook (which also has some VBA modules) which is shared
over a WAN, and it's causing us some problems:

1. The user appears to be disconnected and has to lose unsaved changes
2. The file thinks it is still connected and shows all the users connected
multiple times - even when they've switched off
3. The file has only about 800 lines (10 or so columns) but is something
silly like 600Mb

Can I sort this out? Is there something I can do to make it work?






Try going to "Tools", "Share Workbook","Advanced", and then reduce the number
of days the changes are kept.

If you are making lots of changes to the worksheet the file size becomes huge.

If you have users showing mulitple times on the "Editing" page, have
everyone but yourself get out of the shared workbook and then delete the
additional entries.


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