Shared autotext 2007


Dexter Southerland

Just converted from Office 2003 to Office 2007. We are having problems with
autotext. We use to have a common document on a network share called Quote
and it had autotext in it. Since converting not everyone has the same
autotext entries. How do we get everyone using same autotext?

Dexter Southerland

Graham Mayor

You cannot store autotext entries in a document, so if the TEMPLATE called that contains the autotext entries is placed in the Word 2007
start-up folder, the entries should be available to Word 2007. Is the Word
2007 start-up folder for those who don't have the entries the one that
contains the shared template? I assume you are aware of the changes to
autotext in 2007 with respect to autocomplete and also how the changes have
affected autotext entries inserted by macro?

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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

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