Word 2007 v Word 2003 Auto Text Feature



Our office has used Word 2003 to create several templates and procedures.
Word 2007 seems to not be compatible with some of these procedures and I
haven't been able to find out a way to make them happen.

1. Autotext - Our office's Autotext is sychronised so that all staff have
the same autotext available and the autotexts are updated regularly so that
they are current and appropriate. In 2003 they were stored as part of the
main template (normal.doc). Word 2007 seems to have decided to change these
to 'building blocks' and segregate them so that default location is the users
C:drive. This prevents our office from sychronising and updating these at

How can we change the default location for the building blocks to a shared

Stefan Blom

As far as I know, you cannot change the location for the Building Blocks.
What you can do is have a login script copy a template containing the
AutoText into the Startup folder for each user; the AutoText entries will
then be available at all times.

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