Share Win Srvr 2003 internet conenction with a Mac



I have successfully set up the Microsoft UAM. I can see printers and the
shared volume. I have not been able to successfully share the internet

When I try to use the ICS checkbox in 'Network Connections' window, I
receive an error saying that I cannot install ICS while RRAS is enabled. To
install ICS I must disable RRAS. However, I don't think I want to do this, do

Here is my network:

1 - Win Srvr 2003 Std (Domain controller)
2 - Win XP Pro SP2 PC's
1 - iMac OS 8.6

Bill Grant

You can't have RRAS and ICS running at the same time because their
functions overlap. You need to decide whether you want ICS (and disable
RRAS) or whether you want to use NAT in RRAS to do the Internet connection

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