Shadow/duplicate excel file .xls:2



I have a shadow excel file (extension ".xls:2") that opens everytime I open
my original file. The original file shows in Windows Explorer as extension
".xls" but when I open it, the extension displays as ".xls:1" and the shadow
copy opens at the same time.

The shadow copy is not to be found anywhere in Windows explorer. I have no
hidden files or extensions and I've searched for "*.xls:2" with none found.

The shadow/duplicate copy mirrors every change made to the original file.

Gord Dibben


It is not an extra file, just an extra window.

You have two Windows open with the same worksheet.

Someone inadverantly created a window using Window>New Window.

Close one of them using the "x" then save the workbook.

This is a handy feature if you want to look at two or more sheets/books at a
time or two or more views of the same sheet/book.

Gord Dibben Excel MVP


Thank you - this was actually for a co-worker. But I couldn't figure out
what she did. That would come in handy for viewing a large spreadsheet.

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