Setup will not write to disks



I have been working on this for 2 days.

I have a computer with 3 SCSI hard disks (18, 18 & 8 GB)
that was running Linux. I want to load windows 2000 on it
instead. I have the latest Adaptec SCSI drivers on a
diskette and load them during setup. Each time I get to
the place in set up where it writes the OS files it tells
me that the hard disk does not have a win2k compatible

I have gone so far to low level format each one of the
drives, having failed to make headway with fdisk on
windows, an MBR eraser utility, deleting the partitions
using linux and Partition Magic. Once with completely low
leveled clean drives, again with one FAT32 partition and
finally with one NTFS partition I have failed yet
again....each time getting the same error as when I
started yesterday "the hard disk does not have a win2k
compatible partition". I am stymied and at my wit's end.
Please help.




I am having the same problem with IDE drives I think it is
the MBR. Let em know if you get an answer.


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