SetUp partitions using RIS



Hi all.

Need help with this:

I set up a RIS server and i've attached a couple of HP
DL380 Server to LAN to get Os from server. The issue i'm
trying to skip or avoid is that by design (i know it) RIS
makes a full format of the entire drive and i would like
to install Windows on a small partition, not the whole
drive. Let say ... Hard Drive is 72 GB of size; i would
like to use just 10 or 20 GB of it.

Is there a way to set that? any kind of RIS hacking or
undocumented process?

Any help will be very appreciated, Thanks in advanced,



Johan Arwidmark

RIS has no builtin partitioning tool

You can use RIS to start a Windows PE image and from that environment
you can use diskpart (scripted) and then execute winnt32 with a
unattended script to fully automate the deployment.

Johan Arwidmark

Windows User Group - Nordic

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