Ok, I have Vista Basic and am getting sick of it's lack of compatibility with
my games. I have tried to install Age of the Empires III many times and it
has given me the error of "unloaded exeption, error number: 0x80040702,
discription:failed to load dll:setup, setup will now terminate". I have
finally been able to work around this problem but auto run fails to kick in
when I put the CD it and I can not access the game through "My Computer" then
the drive. And now the expantion pack "War Chiefs" wont install giving a
setup dll error and saying there is no Age of the Empires III when there is.

I am very close to dumping Vista for my XP. :-(



Dustin Harper

It sounds like a problem with your setup itself. AoE3 and Warchiefs are
Vsita compatible and install with no problems here.


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