setting up the network path for workstations



In the article "Splitting a access database, or how to run ms-access in a
multiuser mode" Albert D. Kallal states that you should not use drive letters
and mapping to link the front end of an application, on workstations, to the
backend on the server. Instead, use UNC as the path name.

My question is, if I put the front end of the application on a disk, to
distribute to users, how can I make it so the user can just copy the front
end .mde file to their computer, start up the application, and have the front
end link to the tables in the back end. How will it know the path, coming
from different workstations (or perhaps, using copies of the backend in
different companies servers, and each company has multiple workstations. How
will the backends know the path to that servers frontend)?

Also, how can I get an icon to appear on the desktop that will launch the
frontend, once it is installed on the workstation?


Tony Toews [MVP]

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