Setting up routes to allow VPN clients to access the internet thru LAN gateway



I'm having trouble figuring out how to setup the routing on a
Windows2003 VPN server. The Win2003 machine has two NIC's, one
connected to the public network and the second on the 192.168.0.x
private network. The private network has a NAT box (
handling the requests to the internet coming from machines attached to
the private network.

Access to all machines on the private network from the VPN clients is
working. The issue I'm having is forcing the internet traffic generated
by VPN clients to go to the gateway and not somewhere else,
like the the gateway of the 2003 machine's public NIC. In addition, the
2003 machine should use the gateway of its public NIC for all traffic
that it itself generates. For instance, it can't use the "private"
gateway to respond to VPN connection requests because that won't work
with the way the NAT is configured and I don't want to place the entire
2003 machine behind the NAT.

I think this should be a fairly simple matter of getting the static
routes correct. I don't want to configure the VPN clients to use split
tunneling. Any help would be appreciated.



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