Setting up IE 7 Tabbing



I have just started using IE7 on a Vista Ultimate latop. I have moved my own
homepage from my XP IE6 laptop. This homepage consists of a bunch of icons
with my favorite urls so that by clciking on one it brings up that website.
When I try to do this on IE 7 it opens a brand new IE 7 window intead of a
new tab on the current window. I want it to either open the website in a new
tab or in the current IE7 window. I get a message that says websites in
different security zone must open another copy of IE7. I would prefer to have
a new tab open on the current IE7 window or just bring up the website on the
current tab replacing my homepage. It seems to think my homepage is a
different security zone. This homepage is from a folder in a documents folder
that has gifs and an htm. How can I make IE 7 tabs behave the way I want?
Or How can I tell IE 7 that my home page has urls that are internet sites
and treat them as that.
Right now each icon I click opens a new window. I would be happy if they
would just use the same window that my homepage opens. There are no controls
in tools > options > general.> Tabbing settings that will change this behavior


Sorry for the second post but I am unable to log in to the original
Windows Vista Community , which MS Customer Service now tells me is a know
problem that they are working on. So I was able to log in this one, the MS
Discussion Groups, which your customer servcie people suggested I use until
they fix their problem
I am fairly competent with PCs but I find the windows discussions very
confusing to use. When I log into the Vista community It accepts my login but
then the sign in icon is still there and when I click reply nothing happens.

So back to my original problem I will take your word that the default
behaviour of IE 7 tabbing has a security benefit.
so re my original post. If I type in the address line of a new
tab of IE7 the website wil open in that tab.
If I bring up my home page and click on an icon with hyperlinlk
properties of IE7 will open a new window. Since it is the
same website I believe there must be a simple way to to change
something so that clicking on icons with hyperlink properties they
will open in the same or a new tab.
I appreciate any help you can give me on this, Thanks

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