Setting paper sizes for Access XP Reports



I have an Access XP database with two reports. One Report is to fit on Letter
size paper and the other on Legal size. I know I can change the paper size
from the file menu, but I'd like to be able to set the paper size within the
report so that the user doesn't have to go through the bother of resetting it
when going between reports. The help menu mentions something about PaperSize
Member, but its unclear how one might set that parameter. Any ideas, or am I
simply up a creek without a paddle?



Allen Browne

If this database is for your own use, you can open the report in design
view, choose Page Setup from the File menu, and set the report to a specific
printer. It should now remember the specific paper size and orientation for
that report.

The Printer object (in Access 2002 and later) does have a PaperSize property
which can be set to one of the members of the acPrintPaperSize constants.
(For values, press F2 in the code window to open the Object browser.) But
you need to experiment with this, as the report's Width, marigns, and
orientation are all invovled in how this works, and I'm not sure it all
works as you would expect.

The other alternative is set the values of the members of PrtMip. This is a
bit of a dog's breakfast, and needs to be done in report design so is not
suitable if your database will ever need to be an MDE. If you are interested
in following this through, here's an introduction:

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