Setting a different watermark to the ones in the rest of this docu



I have a 300 page document with different watermarks in it and I want to add
a few more pages with a different watermark.

I have used the Insert File command to insert the pages after creating a New
Section (Insert Break Section (New Page)) and unlinked the headers and
footers from previous in neighboring sections on both sides of the insert and
also within the insertted section.

When I then use Format, Background, Printed Watermark, Picture Watermark and
selected the new picture, it changes ALL the watermarks in the document and
not just those in the section I want it to.

How do I get what I want please?


Graham Mayor

A watermark is simply a graphic inserted into the header view of the
document and the Watermark tool will insert it into all headers. Open the
header view and delete the image from the relevant section. Now insert the
required image. Set its layout property to behind text and its Image Control
Color property to 'washout'. Drag the picture to where you want it to be
on the page.

If you are using text watermarks, instead of deleting and re-inserting, you
can simply double click the image (a Word Art image) and change the text.

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