set policy on 2003 terminal server




I have have a SBS2000 server running and a 2003. The domain is on the
sbs2000. The 2003 server just connects as a normal machine to the sbs2000.
On the 2003 I have a terminal service running with 10 licenses.

Users must connect from home to the 2003 terminal server. I don't want them
to see local drives, change desktop, etc... The user database is on the
sbs2000 machine.

Is there an easy tool to just set policies on the 2003 terminal server for
the users? They are allowed to have administrator rights on their own
computer on the network.

Thanks in advance!



Vera Noest [MVP]

Create a restrictive Group POlicy, link it to a special Terminal
SErver OU, place your 2003 TS in this OU (but not the users), and
use "loopback processing" of the GPO, with the "Replave" option.
This causes the users to be restricted when they log on to the TS,
but not when they log on to their workstations.

231287 - Loopback Processing of Group Policy

Locking Down Windows Server 2003 Terminal Server Sessions

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