Session Directory with Clustering



Dear all

We have setup a session directory server which is also a Terminal server.
this terminal server along with two other terminal servers are considered to
be aTerminal server farm.All three servers are clusterd together and the
session directory serviceis part of the cluster. We user the cluster name to
connect our clients on the terminal server farm.Everything works as expected
except from the fact that all newly created sessions are directed to the
server that runs the session directory service. Does this setup support load
balancing? We want nwely created sessions to directed randomly to each mone
of the Terminal servers. IS this possible with our setup and if not how can
we achieve this?


I can't say that I'd recommend running the Session Directory Service on one
of your terminal servers, as if it dies you're SOL.

I also can't recommend using Session Directory and Windows Server Enterprise
Edition to acheive a load balanced terminal server farm, as this is way more
expensive than some 3rd party software based load balancers available on the
market, that do real resource based load balancing, i.e. WTSGateway Pro by

Check here for more info, if you want to see alternatives to your setup:

Have you read this

Patrick Rouse
Microsoft MVP - Terminal Server

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