Server 2k8 & Vista folder redirection



Heellppp ...

I'm struggling with something I have to believe is very basic ... I'm
testing Windows Server 2008 and Vista and I'm trying to get Vista folders to
redirect to the server using group policy. I'd like to redirect all the
Vista folders possible and I'm getting VERY intermitent results. Thoughts,
tips or tricks anyone??

Here's what I've done:
Created a folder as home to user folders at c:\MyGroup\Users
Created a share on c:\MyGroup with full control to Everyone
Created an OU in Active Directory and created my test users within the OU
Created a group policy object linked to the OU with the folder redirection
items configured
Added my test users to the GPO

For my last test pass today I made all the test users part of the Domain
Administrators group just to eliminate any permissions issues.

When I logged in on my test Vista client, which is a member of the domain,
the first user account I tried successfully redirected the folders,
including creating the "username" folder within c:\MyGroup\Users and then
created each folder as specified.

I logged in on the same PC with three other test user accounts and none of
them worked.

Why would one work and not the others?


Peter Foldes

You are not able to do this. W2K8 has a different GUI then does Vista and the GPO
route will not work. You can try the Vista with the Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1.
There you have a possibility to achieve your objective

Mervyn Zhang [MSFT]


Thank you for your post.

I just wanted to let you know that I have replied to your question in the
server newsgroup, and would like to suggest that we follow up this issue
there. If anything is unclear, or you have additional concerns, please feel
free to let me know.

Again, thank you for using our newsgroups and have a great day!

Mervyn Zhang
Microsoft Online Community Support

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