Sent Items Folder Hidden


Tony G.

I have an exchange mailbox that the sent items folder seems to be hidden.
When using Ctrl+Y and typing in Sent Items you can access the folder, but
there is no link to the folder anywhere. This is true when connecting from
Outlook 2003 or 2007. I have tried opening outlook with the /resetfolders
flag, but not much else. I'm trying to avoid deleting the mailbox and
recreating it.

Roady [MVP]

Does it show in OWA?
Does it show when disabling Cached Exchange Mode?

The resetfolder switch usually should do the trick. Make sure Outlook is
fully closed before running that switch.
If that doesn't work, have your mail admin take a closer look at the mailbox

Roady [MVP]

Note that the CTRL+Y dialog only lists folder names that have been used
before. If you actually type that name, can you access the folder?

Casey T

I'm actually seeing the exact same issue. Sent items folder has dissappeared
from Outlook 2003/2007 (in online mode) and OWA.

If I do a Ctrl + Y and enter "Sent Items", I get into Sent Items folder and
see all the mail the user sent.

It's almost like a hidden attribute is on this folder. The Outlook
switches haven't done the trick either (like /resetfolders).

I'm going to compare a few sent items folders with MFCMAPI to see if I can
find a difference.

Casey T

I've actually fixed this by using MFCMapi ... and navigating to the Sent
Items folder. There is an attribute PR_Attr_Hidden,
PidTagAttributeHidden,ptagAttrHidden which was set to True. After setting
this to False, the folder showed up in OWA and Outlook. Not sure how this
got changed, but, this fixes it!

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