SendTo Menu is SendTo



When I right-click on a folder or a zip file, I get the normal SendTo
with all my shortcuts. However, when I right-click on any file and I go
to SendTo, I get a popup with the word SendTo in it and nothing else.
When I click on that popup nothing happens.
I have read posts here, back to 2003 and can not find a similar
I have searched the Reg and not found anything incorrect.
I have installed SendTo Toys, Tweak Power Pack and TweakUI. No help
It's a Puzzlement.
Any help is appreciated


Thnx anyway Wesley

I ran the vbs and it didn't help.
In the meantime I have made Desktop shortcuts from my SendTo dir and
Drag n' Drop
I can use a backup, (I am faithful with that) but hate to lose a weeks
worth of program testing. Guess that's what I'll have to do.

Regards, Tommie


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