Selective Syncing of Notes with Outlook and Windows Mobile Phone



In outlook I keep various notes in the notes section for things like
hotels I like, travel card numbers, gift ideas and so forth. I want to
keep them available so that they are on my (Windows Mobile 6.0) cell
phone too. However, I also jot various notes on my cell phone (where I
parked my car, recording of a meeting etc.) that I really don't want
to go back to outlook (or at least have them categorized out of the

Is it possible to sync between outlook and my phone, but in a
selective fashion, or only one way (from OL to WM) or do I have to
keep managing this stuff?

Roady [MVP]

You can filter based on category. I assign the category "Mobile" (in both
Outlook and on my phone) when I want it to sync to/keep it on my phone.

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