Selective Combobox?



I have a combo box on a subform. The subform is linked to the main form by
the ContractorID. The main fields in the subform are ContractorID,
ContactID, ContactName.
I created a combobox where the Bound Column is ContactID.

If a select an bound combo the combobox shows the contactID, not the
ContactName as specified in the Combobox columns.
If select an unbound combo, the ContactID field is empty.

With an unbound form, I get no names, except when I click the arrow down, I
got the names of "all" contacts, even those who do not belong to the

What I want is a combo box which displays the names of the contacts for the
current contractor, and when I click the arrow down on the combobox, it
should display only the names connected to this particular contractor.

Is it possible? Otherwise, I am better off with just a text box. But then
how do I add new names?




This worked for me.

Q209595 - ACC2000: How to Synchronize Two Combo Boxes on a Form

It takes a little patients and some work but it does the job.


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