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Martin B. Brilliant

Yesterday morning I created a .jpg file using Serif PhotoPlus.

Yesterday afternoon I accepted a batch of Windows updates.

Yesterday evening I double-clicked the .jpg in Windows Explorer and got
a dialog window titled "Open File - Security Warning" that said "Do you
want to open this file?" and "Publisher: Unknown Publisher" and "While
files from the Internet can be useful, this file type can potentially
harm your computer," etc., etc.

This is too much. The file is not from the Internet, it was created
right here on my own hard drive. If I didn't want to open it, I
wouldn't have double-clicked it! And why is the "Publisher" unknown if
I created the file myself?

I removed all the updates that "Add or Remove Programs" says were
installed yesterday, but I still get the "warning." Would it help to
remove Windows Internet Explorer 7? "Add or Remove Programs" says I
used it today, but I haven't opened it today, so it must do more than
just explore the Internet; is it the source of the "warning"?

How can I stop this nonsense?



Sister Mary

Don't panic, it is a standard warning for *all* jpegs when security
settings are at a set level, don't change the settings but do feel
free to open the jpeg that you created.
If there are any other jpegs that you may have actual doubts
about, just RIGHT click and scan with your anti-virus.
But the warning you are getting is standard so don't freak out
about it.




That "feature" was actually part of SP2. I don't
know why it would happen with a file not downloaded.
That might indicate some other sort of problem.
But in addition to avoiding Internet Explorer (always
a good idea), you can also turn off the nags if you feel
comfortable with the Registry. These three settings are

HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Download\CheckExeSignatures
data: "no"

value: HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet
data: 1


The last setting can be customized to add or remove any
file extension. The sample list here is designed to just stop
the idiocy by including most "dangerous" file types and most
of the types that are likely to be downloaded.

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