Security settings on IE6 under XP SP3 compatibility VPC image



I donwloaded the IE6-XPSP3_VPC.exe virtual pc image from
in order to check the compatibility of a web application.

In the initial 'clean' state of the image, IE6 security settings have
"Navigate sub-frames across different domains" set to "disable" although the
default setting is supposed to be "enable".

When reseting the custom settings, it changes to "enable".

I would like to know if the initial value at installation changed, or just
the setting in the VPC image was set that way accidentaly.
All other installations of IE6 I have examined have the default "enable"


Thanks for sharing the information, Ethan.
I've encountered the same problem, accessing my web application from a
client on this distribution of the image, and could not understand why it
doesn't work. Now i can see it has to do with the modified security setting
of sub frames navigation.

Does anyone know if this is a default setting in any installation, or why
the virtual machine supposedly clean installation is configured that way?


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