Help: Can't change IE6 Temp Internet Folder Size on XP Pro



I installed XP Pro (with all the security patches and recommanded updates),
Office XP, and McAFee VirusScan 4.51 w/SP1 on a PC. Joined domain, created a
temp admin account and configured the XP and Office. Then transfer the
profile to "Default User" from System Properties/Advance/User Profiles.

After logged onto domain as a regular user, I noticed that IE6 runs very
slow and it can't open a pdf file in the browser. I opened Internet
Option\General\Temporary Internet files\Settings, and found the size of the
temporary internet folder is 0.

I can slide the bar (Amount of disk spece to use:), but it won't change the
number in the box next to it. If I type in a number in the box, I will get
an error messags saying: "Please select a value between 1 and 10 for how
much disk space temporary internet files may use." However, it won't take
any number including 1 -10. If I try to Move Folder (from default:
C:\Documents and settings\xxx\Local settints\Temporary Internet Files\), I
will get a message saying the selected location does not have enough space
to hold downloaded content.

I logged back in as administrator and check the regestry setting for the
user and everything seems normal. See link below:

I configured many machines before and this is the first time I encountered
such a problem. Thanks in advance for any of your input.

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