Second attempt. Does anyone know how to extract data from mail?


Allen Clark

I have thousands of mail messages being sent by my web API that has smalll
amount of useful information in the message body. The following is an

The session specified does not exist. SESSION KEY:

Time Sent: 2009-10-16 16:27:17.9735426

There are three pieces of information that I would like to capture to a csv
file or a sql table. These are: The Exception, the session key, and the
time sent. The rest of the information in the e-mail is completely useless.
I need to extract this information from the message body from every message
that gets sent to a particular folder (or run against existing messages in
said folder). I am NOT looking for a utility to extract e-mail addresses, IP
addresses, or anything else from these messages, nor am I trying to capture
anything from the message header. Can anyone provide me with any assistance?
Can it be done in PowerShell? C++, C#, VB, JAVA...?

Thanks in advance,

Diane Poremsky [MVP]

Yes its possible to extract the data (egrabber and others capture content
from the message body) - I don't think powershell will work, you'll need
VB/VBA. I think c++ or C# will work as well. Start at or the
outlook programming groups on this server.


Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]

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There are many ways to accomplish what you want. If you want to chat more
about this contact me at: jlpingree<at>

David C. Holley

Have you checked to see if the process that generates the emails can grab
the information and drop it into a database from the get-go? Doing so will
ensure that the information is captured, eliminate the need to create a
client-side solution, dramatically cut down on the clutter in your mailbox
and be consistent with the concept of data capture at the point of contact.

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