Search Global Address List (GAL) with Windows Desktop Search (WDS)



Is there any way to enable Window Desktop Search to search the Outlook
Global Address List? It runs on a WinXP SP2, with Outlook 2007 SP1.
Outlook is connected to the company's exchange server which provides
the GAL.
WDS works as expected, as it finds files or Outlook Contacts. But in
contrast a WDS-search for people or lists in GAL returns no results.
Is there a WDS setting I am not aware of? Do I have to replicate the
entiere GAL into my Outlook Contacts?

Roady [MVP]

No, that is currently not an option. You could use the search option in the
Address Book of course as well.


the solution i found was to take an external search tool.
this solution maybe not satisfying but it works and is still better and
faster than the WDS-search.
The tool is called Lookeen (

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